Friday, March 24, 2017

Academic Writing - Why This Art Should Be Revered

Being a writer was something I thought would be easy and fast, especially in academic writing. I remember the shock I had when I had my first order from Quality Course Work. I thought it would be light research, paraphrase sentences and that was done. My first order was from a student at Brown University, and it was a dissertation paper. It was probably about 200 pages from the cover page to the references page. So, I geared up and got to writing.
After about 5 pages of writing, I completely ran out of words and content. In page 5! The most embarrassing thing about it is that I had pride in my own style of writing and my writing strategy. Dissertation writing is not an easy task. The same effort and game plan used in essay writing, term paper writing, theses writing and project writing is the same exact plan that is used on dissertation writing, only a bit more complex.

A Fresh Start

So I deleted my 5 pages worth of research and started afresh, this time doing intense research within the stated topic. I even had to have an outline with several pages assigned to various topics depending on the relevance of each. Custom writing of any form requires quality and credible work combined with an in-depth knowledge of the subject that you are about to tackle.
After laying out the outline on the custom dissertation, I had to learn very keenly on the kinds of formats that are used in each paper. These formats do not include the basic citation here and there and the referential page. There is a style to be followed in every format on where to place page numbers, any kind of headers, how to write a cover page if the paper is in APA format. I learned so much that I did not know, and I always made sure to be exceptional and be as skilled as the rest of the writers that worked on the site.
I always have so much reverence and respect for academic writers because of the crazy hours that they devote their time to, and their skill that seems to unveil itself with so much ease. The writers that I interacted with taught me so much about the art of writing, and for that, I am forever grateful.

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